Product Review: Sebastian Professional

Disclosure: I received complimentary press samples products or services for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I only ever accept products I truly love or believe in.

Sebastian Professional

I fully admit that I'm not so good at taking care of my hair, but luckily for me, my hair isn't super high-maintenance anyway. I have stick-straight hair that's on the finer side, and lots of it. I don't have too much natural volume and if I could have my way, my hair would be thicker, wavier, and full of texture. 

I was sent this hair care set from Sebastian Professional by Influenster. I received the Reset Shampoo, the Preset Conditioner and the Shaper iD hairspray. This will be a bit of a long review since I have three items to review: 

Sebastian professional reset shampoo

I don't know what I was expecting with this shampoo. I normally use Tresemme shampoos, just because they tend to be easy to find and I've found it works fine. I've never seen or used a clear transparent shampoo like the Sebastian Reset shampoo so that was interesting! Unfortunately, the amount that I normally use is not enough to get a strong lather going. Maybe that's just the way it's supposed to be, but I like getting more bang for my buck so I was surprised to see how much more shampoo I had to use, just to feel like my whole scalp and hair roots were thoroughly washed. That said, holy volume, I almost couldn't brush my hair through because of how thick it made my hair. I used it about three times in a week and that was a mistake. I wanted thicker hair and BOY did this shampoo deliver! I received the bottle in the 8.45 oz. size which costs $16.50 at Ulta and while it's more expensive than the Tresemme shampoos I'm used to buying, this is a great shampoo to use maybe once or twice a week to get the thickness in my hair so I do think it's worth it! 4/5

Sebastian professional preset conditioner

Like the shampoo, I didn't know what to expect with this conditioner and I was pleasantly surprised to see changes in my hair. Along with the shampoo, this conditioner not only thickens and volumizes, but I get a great smooth texture with this conditioner that makes my hair look shiny but not greasy! I swear, every time I use this conditioner, I get so much texture in my hair that when I use my curling iron to style my hair, I feel like it holds my curls better - to the point where I really have to brush it out almost immediately afterwards otherwise the curl would be too tight! Similar to the shampoo, the Sebastian Preset Conditioner is a clear and transparent texture. It's moisturizing and has a nice smell to it. I received the 8.45 oz bottle and it costs $17.50 and I can say with confidence that I would definitely repurchase this because it has done wonders for my hair 5/5

Sebastian professional shaper id hairspray

My go-to hairspray is my Big Sexy Hair spray, but I think I may have to replace it with this Sebastian Professional Shaper iD hairspray! It claimed to stand up to humidity and I put it to the test on a particularly hot day here in DC when we were at 94 degrees Fahrenheit with 82% humidity(!). After washing and conditioning my hair with the shampoo and conditioner from the system, I curled my locks with a one inch curling iron and locked it in with this hairspray and walked outside. I left my home at around 10:30 am, wandered about all day and came home at around 4 in the afternoon. My curls were still intact!! Normally, my hair would have gone straight and lost their curls, even with hairspray, but not with the Shaper iD! It was a bit looser than the fresh curls from the morning but not by much. 5/5 would recommend! 


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