February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

February Bullet Journal Plan With Me

Tomorrow is the start of February and what better way to prepare for it than by setting up your bullet journal spreads? I am so excited about this theme because, frankly, it’s easy to do! A lot of times, you guys write in the comments that you can’t recreate my spreads or that you can’t draw. I understand because to be honest, I don’t think I’m good at drawing either but I also understand there are people even less skilled than me so I get the intimidation. Well, if you want to recreate my spreads, it’ll be easy this time because I did a heart theme! I made it very similar to a washi tape that I got as a gift from a friend. It’s perfect for the month as it’s famously associated with Valentine’s Day!

Cover Page

February Bullet Journal Heart Theme

As you can see, I did a heart theme with a few lines, as similarly as I could to the washi tape (seen on the top right corner). I kept the colors for this month’s theme simple - black, white, and red. I had fun mindlessly doodling for this page. It’s easy to do and fun!


February Bullet Journal Calendar page

I kept my calendar page simple as well with lots of hearts. I drew a small red heart on the right corner of every date to put the date number in, and I added my social media tracker on the left hand side, as usual.

Habit Tracker and Expense Tracker

February Bullet Journal Habit Tracker and Expense Tracker

I did individual habit trackers again because I like the look of them, even though they’re a giant pain to draw in. I kept my expense tracker as simple as possible. I used to find myself annoyed if I didn’t have enough space in my expense tracker to list everything I bought, but then I realized, the reason for it is because I’m spending too much money. Now that I’m on my shopping ban, this space is definitely enough.

Brain Dump

February Bullet Journal Brain Dump

I did something a bit different this month and wrote “brain dump” in the middle of the spread instead of on the top. I used to write it on the top because I wanted to utilize as much space in the actual pages and I never decorated the edges because that wouldn’t be using the pages efficiently. I decided to have fun with it this month and perhaps write in it in any direction I’d like rather than writing in straight horizontal lines. Breaking the rules once in a while is fun!

Weekly Spreads

February Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
February Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

I have not one, but two weekly spreads setup for you guys to see! They’re both quite simple. The first, I used washi tape that embodies the theme of this month to separate the days. The second, I kept really simple with hearts to fill in the dates. I really love how they turned out!

What do you think? Would you recreate these spreads? Let me know in the comments!