Autumn 2019 10x10 Challenge: Outfits and Recap

Autumn 2019 10 x 10 Challenge

If you recall, ten days ago, I declared that I would do the Autumn 10x10 Challenge. This wardrobe challenge requires the acceptor to pick any ten pieces in their closet for their capsule wardrobe to create ten different looks in ten days. The details of this challenge can be found here. This was started by Lee from Style Bee. I recommend checking out her blog and her previous 10x10 challenges if you would like to do this too.

As a reminder, these are the pieces I picked for this season’s 10x10 challenge:

Sezane Fanny Shirt
Everlane cashmere sweater
Sézane Eduardo jumper
Madewell 10 inch rise skinny jeans
Everlane boss boots
Sézane Penelope dress
Everlane medium rise black skinny jeans
Everlane 90s cheeky straight jeans
Nisolo flats
Tradlands henley

Here are the outfits I came up with:

Day 1


Dress: Sezane Penelope || Accessories: Quay Australia sunglasses, Mejuri necklace, Madewell Transport tote || Shoes: Everlane Boss boots

Day 2


Top: Everlane cashmere sweater || Bottoms: Madewell skinny jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace, Etsy earrings, Madewell tote bag || Shoes: Everlane Boss boots

Day 3


Top: Sezane Fanny shirt || Bottoms: Madewell skinny jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace, Etsy earrings, Madewell Transport tote || Shoes: Nisolo

Day 4


Top: Sezane Eduardo jumper || Bottoms: Everlane black skinny jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace || Shoes: Nisolo

Day 5


Top: Everlane blazer, Tradlands henley || Bottoms: Madewell skinny jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace, Etsy earrings || Shoes: Everlane Boss boot

Day 6


Top: Everlane sweater || Bottoms: Everlane black jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace, vintage pearl earrings || Shoes: Everlane Boss boot

Day 7


Top: Tradlands henley || Bottoms: Reformation Julia jeans || Accessories: Mejuri necklace, Fjallraven Kanken backpack || Shoes: Nisolo

Day 8


Dress: Sézane Penelope dress || Accessories: Sézane Claude bag, Quay Australia sunglasses || Shoes: Nisolo

Day 9


Top: Sézane Fanny shirt || Bottoms: Reformation Julia jeans || Accessories: Madewell Small Transport bag, Mejuri necklace || Shoes: Everlane Boss boots

Day 10


Top: Sézane Eduardo jumper || Bottoms: Madewell skinny jeans || Accessories: Angela Roi Eleanor satchel || Shoes: Everlane Boss boots


A quick note…

I think I want to note here first and foremost that I did a DIY project on my Madewell skinny jeans. They were way too long, and while I had resorted to doing a fold on the bottom for the longest time, I decided to take a pair of fabric scissors and hem them myself. As you can see in some of the pictures that I left a raw edge as that seems to be the trend. I have a sewing machine though so I can definite sew a hem on them in the future, I just really like the look of them right now.

What I learned

This particular 10x10 was definitely a challenge. I took note of the weather for the 10 days I was planning on doing this and tried to pick pieces appropriately, but even with that planning, I couldn’t predict how I would feel about the sudden drop in temperatures! We went from 90 degree days to sudden 65 degree days. Don’t get me wrong, the brisk chill was wonderful after a long and humid summer but my body had grown accustomed to being hot and sweaty that a slight chill felt freezing to me. Luckily, outerwear isn’t included in my 10x10 so I was able to incorporate some of that for the time period. On that note, I think that investing in chic outerwear is more my speed! Something to remember for when my shopping ban is over.

My Favorite Outfits

I really liked my outfits on days 1, 8, and 9. I reallllllly love the dress chose. On my last 10x10 challenge, I picked a dress that wasn’t very versatile and you could argue I did the same again this month but… I don’t know, I just really liked wearing the dress with different shoes. This particular dress really looks different with the different shoes - completely different vibes - so I thought in that way, this dress was better than my Sézane Marielle dress. I also really love the way my mom jeans turned my nice dress shirt instantly more casual and chic. I loved my outfit on day 9 so much that I wore the same look again after the challenge was over!

My Least Favorite Outfits

I think I need to give up trying to look chic in oversized things because I didn’t love my looks from days 2, and 5. I LOVE my Everlane ribbed cashmere sweater since I bought it late last year (it was my winter workhorse piece because I wore it so often) but I have to admit, it does make me look a bit frumpy. Same with my oversized Everlane plaid blazer (though that blazer wasn’t a piece from my 10x10 - just an accessory).

A few tips

Plan plan plan! I had to check the weather so many times before I made my picks because temperatures in DC this time of yera can be fickle. Rainy and cold one day, then warm and Autumnal the next.