June 2019 Bucket List

June 2019 Bucket List

Wowowow! I can’t believe it’ll be JUNE tomorrow! I feel like May really whizzed by! I feel like I did so much this past month, including all the things on my May bucket list. For a quick refresher, here were the things I wanted to do this past month:


    I most certainly did to go to SLO and even wrote a travel diary on it! Despite the brevity of our trip, I had a great time! I got to meet a lot of Brian’s family I hadn’t met before and they were such a great bunch!


    Oh yes - I went to my friends Kevin and Alyssa’s wedding… the day before I went to California! I’ve know Kevin since high school and when he introduced Alyssa, we bonded almost instantly. Their wedding was so beautiful - part African (Kevin’s family is from Sierra Leone), and part Irish Catholic (Alyssa’s family). Fun doesn’t even begin to cover it!


    Check… but just barely. We’re actually seeing a play today! We’re seeing The Oresteia which is a greek tragedy. I’m pretty excited about this one - the last Greek play I saw was Antigone and I had a great time so I can only imagine how great this one will be!


    Yes we did! I sent my mom a few gifts and flowers and we FaceTimed on Mother’s Day. I miss her but I’m glad she’s enjoying retirement!


    Oh yes! Brian’s parents came to visit us in DC after we got back from SLO. Brian’s parents are so much fun but I’m embarrassed to say that I’m half their age and I have trouble keeping up with them! We had a great time showing them around town and taking a mini trip to Baltimore (where we tried to convince them to retire to).

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Not bad! Here are the things on my bucket list for June:

  • Celebrate a long-distance Father’s Day

    Similar to Mother’s Day, I’ll have to hang out with my dad over the phone this year. That’s okay. I plan on sending him gifts too!

  • Hang out by the pool

    It’s pool season again and just in time because the weather got really hot again - we had a 90 degree day with 68% humidity the other day! Nope! Pool time for me!

  • Go to Jazz in the Garden

    Every summer, the Smithsonian’s sculpture garden holds a jazz concert series on Fridays. You can set up a picnic and buy sangria from them. I love jazz and I love picnics so this one is a no-brainer!

  • Stick with a new Blogging Schedule

    I don’t know if you guys noticed but the last two weeks I posted significantly less. I realized I was getting burnout so often because I was forcing myself to churn out blog posts every day! I had about 6 posts a week which I’m realizing is a lot and is draining my creative resources. Going forth, I think I’m going to stick to a 3-4 posts per week schedule, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and maybe one on the weekend if I feel like it. I think this new schedule works better for me.