Empties Vol. 9


Welcome back to another roundup of ‘Empties,’ or as I like to call it, ‘Proof Deborah is the slowest product user in the world.’ Some of these products I’ve had for several months and am now just getting around to taking photos of it. I thought I’d do another round of reviews of everything I used up so here we go!

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Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

I actually received this as a part of a PR package and I really liked it! As per the name, it’s incredibly hydrating and moisturizing… but I haven’t used it much in the summer (though it’s a godsend in the winter). I went through about 3/4 of this last winter but when I went to check on this cream, I realized a lot of it evaporated? It was basically gone. I couldn’t believe it! I will dock a point off for that but the product itself is quite good.

Tatcha the Water Cream

I found this cream to be just as hydrating as my Laneige Water Bank Moisture cream, if not more! I’m glad I only got a sample size of it because I had the full size version of the Laneige moisturizer and I honestly didn’t see a huge difference, at least on my skin. If your skin is in need of hydration, both are good options, though the Laneige is the more affordable option at $35 while the Tatcha is $68.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I think I may have found my new everyday lotion! It’s been great in the summer moisturizer as it’s not too oily but not drying for my eczema-prone skin. I usually use my First Aid Beauty moisturizer but this is a great alternative!

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Aveda Hand relief Night Renewal Serum

I’ve never used a hand serum before so this was really fun to use. At night, I usually apply cuticle oil and my L’Occitane hand lotion before going to sleep. I added this hand serum to that routine but I didn’t see a huge difference. I’m wondering if that was because it’s the summer and my hands don’t get too dry or cracked.

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! perfume

I’ve loved this perfume for summer for years! That said I’m glad I ran out because I think I want to try different things. It’s a great mix of floral and citrus notes. They actually discontinued it and while I’m disappointed, I do have other perfumes I want to try.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Ultra Shea Body Cream

I don’t know what it is about big containers of body cream but it takes me forever to use them all up! I liked this lotion fine, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. I actually got this as a Christmas gift from a coworker and I hate buying new things when I have old things that I haven’t used up yet so I held off on buying new body lotion until I used this up. I’m now excited to purchase something different with maybe a different scent haha!

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Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Split-End Bandage

When my hair was longer, I used to get pretty bad split ends (which is why I tend to keep my hair short) unless I got trims every other week. Ain’t no one got time (or money) for that! After I decided I was going short semi-permanently, I bought this hair product to hopefully control my split ends situation. I think it helped!

Walgreen’s Eye Makeup Remover

I feel a bit silly adding this but I honestly use this eye makeup remover all the time! I’ve used high end makeup removers and this one works just as well as them, at least on my eyes and the makeup I tend to use. Just a bit on a cotton pad and

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