One Year Older


Tomorrow is my birthday and it’s a big one.

Tonight is officially the last night of my 20s.

It’s weird saying, “I’m turning 30” because I’ve been told I’m supposed to feel a certain way about it, both good and bad. As a kid, I felt like 30 was really old and I should have or have done certain things by now that I just don’t or haven’t - i.e., be married, own a home, have kids, etc. The thing is, as much as I hate the idea of disappointing 12 year old me, I don’t necessarily want all of those things (like kids), nor do I want to have gotten certain things by now if it meant settling just for the sake of checking off a box to do something by an arbitrary age.

On the other side, I have been told to happily embrace being in your 30s because it doesn’t suck - quite the opposite. You know yourself better and you’re more comfortable in your own skin. I think I definitely fall more on this side of the spectrum of the aging spectrum. I used to joke that I was born a cranky 40 year old woman and I’m just aging into my personality. I actually like getting older, but part of me wonders if I should have done more by now. I think I can embrace 30 while also feel a bit nostalgic and sad about leaving my 20s.

This is a very long-winded and nonsensical way to say that it’s my birthday tomorrow and I have no real post to share.

I’ve never been a big birthday person and I’m not shopping for clothes this year so you can imagine how boring this birthday is going to be. My boyfriend also has class tomorrow night so we won’t be celebrating on my actual birthday, though we do have some fun activities planned for the weekend.

Oh, and I did buy one birthday present for myself: a sewing machine!

I’ve been wanting a sewing machine for the last 3 years since I started to become more interested in sustainable fashion. I want to take a dress-making class or a sewing class in general and I think it’d be a great sustainable way to be fashionable! That’s about it though. I’m excited to start hemming pants and skirts and sewing things all up my house!

Are you a birthday person or are you a quiet, solitary celebrator like me? Let me know in the comments!