May 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

May Bullet Journal Cactus and Flowers

I’m actually really excited for May’s bullet journal theme: Cactus and Flowers! I think I love this theme because it’s a true doodle theme - I think I could draw these designs for hours and not get tired. Even drawing the doodles for this bullet journal setup, I completely got lost and didn’t realize I had been working on it for an hour!

Cover Page

May Bullet journal cactus and flowers theme

As you can see, I settled on a cactus and flowers theme for the month of May. I actually had a lot of fun with this! I got the inspiration for this design from various places - AmandaRachLee’s Youtube channel (as always) and a few Pinterest and Instagram pics as well. I really like how dainty and cutesy this design is, though it takes me a bit of time to draw them.


May Bullet Journal Cactus theme Calendar

I drew more cacti on my calendar page and a quote (“Grow your mind”) in ribbons, surrounded by cacti and flowers. For the most part, the layout of my calendar is the same. I didn’t do individual boxes this time like last month, but I still like this cohesive look.

Habit Tracker and Expense Tracker

May Bullet Journal Cactus theme

My habit tracker is the same format as it has been all year. I did change it it up a bit though - I divided my workout tracker into “yoga” and “running” since I do both. As for my expense tracker, instead of writing every purchase down individually, I divided it up into categories to hopefully save space. I’m actually looking forward to using my new expense tracker now!

Weekly Spread

May Bullet Journal Cactus theme Weekly spread

The weekly spread is my typical spread but instead of having a column for “weekend” and “next week,” I just labeled each weekend day separately. I realized I wasn’t actually using the “next week” space at all and I don’t like wasting space in general so I thought this would be a more efficient way to use my bujo.