Coffee Chat Vol. 20

What a week! I'm happily back in DC after a much needed trip to Nevada and California. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we had some issues coming back home. There were a lot of storms in the DC area and our plane (that was supposed to land at 2:30) had to circle around the airport since it was closed. To avoid completely running out of fuel, we had to reroute to Raleigh to refuel. We ended up getting back home after 8pm. 

Still, I'm glad to be back home! I'm going to have a big post on my Las Vegas trip next week. For now, please enjoy a few things that have been on my mind this week. 

ONE || 6 Bad Habits that are Destroying your PC
I wouldn't exactly say I'm a computer nerd but I am a blogger and my Macbook is basically my lifeline (along with my phone, of course). Taking care of expensive equipment is really important to me because it makes them last longer. 

TWO || Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara
In Vegas, I stopped by a Sephora and treated myself to Givenchy's Noir Interdit mascara with the 90 degree flexible wand. I had used a sample of it before and loved it so I got the full-sized one. I'll have a review of it soon but I seriously love the formula of it! It makes my lashes look amazing!

THREE || What to wear when the weather is insane
I'm always trying to find pieces that would be good for the office and good for lots of different types of weather. This article does a great job at listing out guidelines to follow, whatever climate you find yourself facing in a day!

FOUR || Wilfred Darcell dress at Aritzia
I took advantage of the sale Aritzia had and got this dress among other things. I got it in black and it's become my new favorite Little Black Dress! I know everyone's going nuts about the Nordstrom sale but Aritzia's got it going on too! 

FIVE || Getting the right eyeshadow
Beautylish has a great post on what color eyeshadows would work for your eye color to make it look like you're wearing something expensive! It's quite a read, especially if you're into color theory like I am.