September Bullet Journal Setup

September Bullet Journal Spreads Lavender Theme

I'm so excited about September's bullet journal spread! September is my favorite month (and I'm not just saying that because my birthday is in September). Maybe it's because Autumn is my favorite season in general but those early few days of Fall when you get a respite from the hot summer sun, the foliage is gorgeous, and you can snuggle into a cozy sweater with a cup of coffee is my absolute ideal situation. I thought of what a fun September theme would be for my spreads and I thought of lavenders! It's going to be a LOT of purple in my bullet journal this time around!

cover page

Lavender Theme September Bullet Journal Spread

I got the inspiration for this page from AmandaRachLee's Youtube channel. I really recommend checking out her channel if you are ever in need of bujo inpsiration. I used Tombow markers, a Zebra mildliner, and a pale purple Crayola Supertips marker for the cover page. 


Lavender Theme September Bullet Journal Spread

habit tracker and monthly goals

Lavender Theme September Bullet Journal Spread

I used the same habit tracker from last month. As much of a pain it is to redraw all of these boxes and add dates in them (very tedious!) I actually like the look of it and I find it effective. Something I am planning on changing up, though, is using the same color to fill in the trackers instead of different colors for each habit like I've been doing since I first started bullet journaling. 

For monthly goals, the look is the same except I decided to change up the header. I really like the more minimalist look, actually. My guiding word for September will be "nurture." 

expense tracker and brain dump

Lavender Theme September Bullet Journal Spread

weekly spread

Lavender Theme September Bullet Journal Spread

Weekly spreads are my favorite because it really allows me to get creative with the theme! I continued drawing lavenders but this time I used them as dividers between days. I REALLY love how this turned out and I just LOVE drawing lavenders!