August 2019 Bucket List

August 2019 Bucket List

I am so excited for August! We had a really bad heat wave this month and I’m just ready for it to be over. I had to get my wisdom teeth removed this past month (#latebloomer) so the past week has been pretty painful. I’m okay now but I’m sure you can imagine why I’m just ready for a new month! August is one of those great summer to fall transition months so it’ll be a bit cooler. Plus I have some fun travel plans in August that I’m quite excited about.

Before I get into my bucket list for August, I want to do a quick run through of my bucket list items from July:

  • CELEBRATE Fourth of July/Brian’s Birthday

    Check! I took Brian out to dinner at Fogo de Chao on the third and on the fourth, a bunch of our friends took a day trip to Baltimore, MD for crabs, beer and a change of scenery!

  • Visit a few museums

    Half check - I visited one new museum: The Postal Museum. I wanted to visit more but after I had my oral surgery, I really just didn’t feel like going out much.


    Ugh, I did horribly on this bucket list item: I didn’t even touch my crochet project at all this month! I can’t help it - with the heat wave, the last thing I wanted to even think about was a blanket to warm me up even more! I’ll definitely rethink this item in the fall, but it may not be a practical goal in the summer.

  • Take a road trip

    As I said earlier, a few friends and I took a day trip to Baltimore on the Fourth of July. I think we killed two bucket list birds with one stone!

  • Complete my Summer 10 x 10 Challenge

    Yes yes yes! I was happy I managed to get this one done! You can check out pieces and results in this post here.

Okay, now that I provided some transparency from last month, here are my bucket list items for August:

  • Go on a friendscation

    My friend’s parents have a house in Traverse City, Michigan. I’ve heard how nice TC is from a LOT of my Midwestern friends so I’m excited to go! I’ve only been to Michigan once in my life and it was for work, doing a site visit at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. I basically only had time to either go to the university and the hotel room and not time to explore the area at all so I’m excited to see more of the country!

  • Read at least one book per week

    I had a GREAT reading month in July and I want to continue it in August. Since I’m going on vacation next month, I figure it’ll be a great time to get some books on my ‘to-read’ list off.

  • Get back into running

    Since I started doing yoga regularly, going running has taken a bit of a backseat. I really love cardio though so I’m hoping I’ll hop back on the treadmill next month!

  • Go to the National Book Festival

    I LOVE the book festival and every year they have fantastic guests and authors coming in to speak. Best of all, it’s FREE! Last year, I got to see Madeleine Albright speak and it was so inspirational!

  • Go to a Farmer’s Market

    Can you believe I haven’t been to a farmer’s market all summer? That’s gotta change. I love farmer’s markets, even if I don’t buy anything. They’re just fun to walk around in!