Coffee Chat Vol. 13


ONE || No, You Still Shouldn't Put Two Spaces After a Period
OMG it drives me NUTS when people put two spaces after a period. It's just so unnecessary! I have to write and edit a lot of letters to regulatory agencies and I have a coworker who does this and every single time I take out all the second spaces!

TWO || A Detroit Radio Station Has Stopped Playing Kanye West Songs
I'm a big Kanye West fan but his latest tweets indicating that slavery was a "choice" was incredibly offensive. Some people have been claiming Kanye's first amendment right to free speech is being breached but I'm going to point out that the first amendment guarantees the government can't stop you from saying things (businesses are free to not work with you), not to mention criticisms of Kanye's comments are also free speech. 

THREE || 31 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Will Actually Love (And Keep!)
It's wedding season! This list is incredibly handy - I have two weddings to go to and while I'm shopping from their registry, it's nice to get a little extra. I am really loving the idea of the custom wine labels for every milestone! How neat!

FOUR || Monstera Leaf Earrings
Maybe it's because I did a tropical leaf theme for my April bullet journal but I've been loving monstera leaves! They're everywhere lately too! I am obsessed with these large earrings from an awesome Etsy shop (also would make a great Mother's Day gift).  

FIVE || Us Against You by Frederik Backman
I am a HUGE Frederik Backman fan - his books are so heartwarming and well-written. I finished Beartown last month (review will be up soon) and I was excited to hear he was writing a sequel! The translated version will be out in June and you better believe I pre-ordered both the Kindle book and the Audible book. 

SIX || Fabletics Leggings
Fabletics is everything! I'm so glad I'm subscribed to them - their athletic clothing design has been on point lately! I recently ordered this lovely lilac leggings for yoga. I love the cute cutout details! So necessary for hot yoga sessions!