Summer 2019 Wear Count | Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit

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Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit

Top: Forever 21 (old, similar here) || Bottoms: Joie (similar here) || Accesories: Quay Australia sunglasses, Sézane Claude bag || Shoes: Steve Madden Irenee

In the spirit of transparency and sustainability, I decided to start a wear count for all the clothes I wore this summer. As I’ve undertaken the goal of a complete shopping ban for the entirety of 2019, I have been trying to find ways to not just make the most of my wardrobe but also keep track of the things I’m wearing. As a subconscious habit, I’m always on the lookout for patterns and data points. I know that in general, I’m not necessarily an exception to the statistic that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe regularly. To combat this, I consciously made the effort to wear as much of my wardrobe as possible (hello rediscovering old favorites in your closet!) But first, I needed data and figure out what are the things I wear the most in general.

Summer is a weird time in terms of outfits. In the hottest of days, I generally want to be wearing as little as possible so I’m not sure if this is the season to be searching for a ton of variety regarding clothing pieces. Sure enough, I’ve found my most worn pieces have been my sandals or open back shoes (like my Madewell Gemma mules). Ironically, my shorts haven’t gotten as many wears as I thought I would in the summer but it makes sense - shorts are a weekend piece, and as a gal with a 9-5 job, I’m mostly rocking skirts or dresses to the office on the hottest of days.

Wear Count

  • Nisolo flats: 17 times (last seen here)

  • Uniqlo rayon blouse: 13 times (last seen here)

  • Madewell Gemma mules: 10 times (last seen here)

  • Madewell pocket tee: 8 times (last seen here)

  • Sézane Dino skirt: 8 times (last seen here)

  • Madewell Boardwalk slides: 7 times (last seen here)

  • Aritzia culottes: 6 times (last seen here)

  • Forever 21 denim shorts: 6 times (last seen here)

  • Madewell Central shirt: 6 times (last seen here)

  • H&M Cropped black tee: 5 times (last seen here)

Other Takeaways

Neutral Colors

Apparently I really love neutral colors. This is interesting because if you’ve been following me from the beginning of this blog, I was all about making a splash with bold, bright, and beautiful colors. I’ve noticed my change in preferences last year and it looks like my love for neutrals are going strong. Of the ten pieces I talked about here, only two would be considered a non-neutral color (sort of) - blush/rose pink. Everything else is black, white, gray, and camel/tan.

High Street Vs. High Quality

While quite a few of the pieces I’ve gravitated towards are fast fashion (notice how often Madewell made this list?), My top five includes two high quality brands - Nisolo and Sézane. Still, I have had most of these high street branded clothes for at least one year (before I started this shopping ban) which is a testament to my view that as long as you take care of your fast fashion pieces, they can last a lot longer than they’re “supposed” to which can be one form of building a sustainable wardrobe.

Creature of habit

Maybe I’m just lazy or uncreative (two things that are not good for a style blogger) but once I know that a specific combination of clothes work, I tend to wear a similar combo or even the exact same combo, over and over again. Yes, I’m an outfit repeater, but I prefer to think of it as having a uniform. During weeks where I’m experiencing decision fatigue, knowing I have a fail-safe outfit is quite helpful.

Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit
Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit
Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit
Floral Skirt and Mockneck Bodysuit